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Production Range
Type Nominal diameter Pressure
Flange America standard 1/2"~100" DN15-DN2500 Class150~Class2500
Flange Europe standard 1/2"~100" DN15-DN2500 PN2.5~PN400
Commonly Used Materials
Austenitic stainless steel Super duplex stainless steel Nickel-based alloy steel Carbon steel/alloy steel Other materials
304 304L 304H 304LN S31803 S32205 N10276 N04400 N06600 Q235 20# 20G TA1 TA2 TA3 TC1~TC9
316 316L 316H 316Ti S32304 S32760 N06600 N06625 N06690 WPB A105 16Mn LF2 LF3 LF5 LF6 LF10
310S 321 321H 347 S32550 S32750 N08800 N08825 N08904 45# 15CrMo Al, Ti, martensite
S31254 S33400 N08020 N08810 N08811 A350LF2 A420Gr.WPL6

Slip on plate flange is welded onto the end of a pipe and allows the pipe to be bolted to another pipe. It creates junctions through the bolt holes and by welding treatment. Slip on pipe flange is suitable for water or fuel pipelines with low pressure, few pressure fluctuation and little vibration. It is widely accepted because it enables an easy connection between the pipes and shows high price-performance ratio. Slip on flange helps users to save the space with its light weight structure, and most importantly, it guarantees an extremely-low leakage rate on the pipeline system with excellent sealing performance.

While slip-on plate flange can’t ensure a 100% seal because of its structural limit. What we can do is just to improve its’ quality and performance as much as possible. Yuanyang owns a full range of inspection equipment, such as optical emission spectrometer from SPECTRO, chemical analysis and testing center, fully automatic carbon/sulfur analyzer, high-speed analyzer, X-ray testing chamber, ultrasonic flaw detector, magnetic particle detector, infiltration detector, ultrasonic thickness gauge, computer-controlled electronic universal testing machine, 60-ton hydraulic universal tensile testing machine, low-temperature impact testing machine, metallographic analyzer, and infrared thermometer, etc.

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