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Alloy Steel Flange

Pipe flange is widely used as a popular category of pipe fittings to connect two pipes together. It also allows for a connection between equipment. Flanges are generally fabricated by die stamping and machining. They are commonly used in pair. A gasket is set between the 2 flange pieces which are fastened by bolts. Different pressure requirements mean different pipe thickness and different bolts. Generally, threaded flanges are suitable for pipelines with low pressure, and for environment with over 4kg of pressure, weld flange is more recommended.

According to the connection manner, pipe flanges can be divided into slip-on plate flange, slip-on flange, weld neck flange, socket weld flange, threaded flange, blind flange, neck weld loose ring flange, flat weld loose ring flange, ring type joint flange, large-diameter plate flange, spectacle blind, butt weld loose ring flange, etc.

Types of Flange
  • Slip-on plate flange (PL)
  • Slip-on flange (SO)
  • Weld neck flange (WN)
  • Integral flange (IF)
  • Socket weld flange (SW)
  • Threaded flange (TH)
  • Butt weld loose ring flange (PJ/SE)
  • Flat weld loose ring flange (PJ/RJ)
  • Blind flange (BL)
  • Blind flange (BL(S))
Type of Flange Face
  • Raised face (RF)
  • Flat face (FF)
  • Ring joint (RJ)
  • Toothed face (T)
  • Grooved face (G)
  • Female face (FM)
  • Male face (M)

Our company can manufacture a wide range of alloy forged flanges like blind flange, large diameter pipe flange, according to standards of SH3406, SH3425, HG/T20592, HG/T20615, HG/T20623, GB/T9124, ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47, ASTM A182, ASTM A182M, EN 1092, JIS B2220, etc.