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Custom Pipe Fittings

Yuanyang is a professional pipe fitting manufacturer, whose pipe fittings are of diverse materials, including austenitic stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, nickel alloy (nickel, zirconium, titanium) and etc. Yuanyang also provides custom pipe fittings for our customers according to their requirements. Custom pipe fittings include seamless pipe elbows, butt weld pipe elbows, seamless butt weld pipe elbows, seamless pipe reducer, seam pipe reducer, concentric reducer, reducing tee, equal tee, stub end, pipe cap, flange and etc.

Following products are some of our custom pipe fittings:

  • Blind Flange
  • Socket Weld Flange
  • Weld Neck Pipe Flange
  • Lap Joint Flange
Seamless Pipe Fittings
  • Equal pipe tees
  • Equal pipe cross
  • 180 degree pipe elbow
  • 90 degree pipe elbow
  • 45 degree pipe elbow
  • Straight pipe
  • Concentric reducer
  • Eccentric reducer
Seamless forged pipe fittings
  • Pipe cap
  • Pipe coupling
  • Socket weld tee
  • Socket weld 45 degree elbow
  • Socket weld 90 degree elbow
  • Eccentric reducer
  • Concentric reducer

Yuanyang has three major workshops: pipe fitting workshop, forging workshop and flange workshop. These workshops are outfitted with over 300 pieces of large-size production equipment, including CNC table saws, plasma cutting machines, four column hydraulic presses, cold roll forming machine for elbows and mandrels, hydraulic press for pipe tees (Max. diameter of DN600-largest in China), induction furnaces, forming machines, beveling machines, gas fired furnaces, hydraulic forging press, 1000Ton hydraulic press, CNC lathe, automatic high-speed drilling machine and etc. Thanks to these advanced machines, the factory could support an annual production capacity of 2,500 T pipe fittings. These pipe fittings' diameters range from DN15 to DN2000.

Machining workshop
Pipe fitting manufacturing workshop

Custom pipe fittings are listed as follows:

1. Elbows; 2. Pipe cross; 3. Pipe cap; 4. Eccentric reducer; 5. Weld neck flange; 6. Corrugated pipe; 7. Blind flange; 8. Pipe tee; 9. Butt weld plate flange; 10. Standard pipe fitting; 11. Straight pipe; 12. Concentric reducer; 13. Socket weld tee; 14. Socket weld elbow

Related manufacturing equipment:
Gas fired furnace
Pipe fitting production workshop
CNC cutting machine
LT400 cold roll forming machine for pipe elbows
4-coluum hydraulic press for pipe tees
CNC turning center for flanges

Yuanyang's pipe fittings have been exported to overseas markets, such as Middle East, Americas and Southeast Asia. If required, please contact us. Yuanyang will offer you satisfying custom pipe fittings.

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