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Quality Control
Testing Center

Yuanyang has established an advanced testing center, which is divided into several independent laboratories. In the center we have introduced over 100 sets of inspection equipment, including optical emission spectrometer from SPECTRO, chemical analysis and testing center, fully automatic carbon/sulfur analyzer, high-speed analyzer, X-ray testing chamber, ultrasonic flaw detector, magnetic particle detector, infiltration detector, ultrasonic thickness gauge, computer-controlled electronic universal testing machine, 60-ton hydraulic universal tensile testing machine, low-temperature impact testing machine, metallographic analyzer, and infrared thermometer, etc.

  • Sample room
  • Integrated laboratory
  • Spectroscopy laboratory
  • Carbon/sulfur analysis laboratory
  • Mechanical laboratory
  • Archive
Quality inspection
  • In the integrated laboratory, a charpy projector is used to detect the raw materials. Only those qualified ones will be put into warehouse.
  • Carbon/sulfur analysis with metallographic analyzer
  • Intergranular corrosion test with low-temperature thermostat bath
  • Tensile test with 60-ton universal hydraulic tensile testing machine
  • Impact test for samples with impact tester
  • In the archive, all of the production information and quality inspection data are stored in an orderly way, ensuring that all of the production activities are under effective control and supervision
Quality Inspection in Production Line
  • Testing pipe fittings' thickness with caliper
  • Checking metal contents with the spectrometer from Oxford
  • Checking whether there are cracks inner the pipes with vibration tester
  • Detecting pipes'diameter with caliper
  • Surface roughness test for flanges
  • Testing flanges'outer diameter with caliper
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